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Mr.Tomoya Fukui receives Outstanding Paper Award in KICSS 2018

Category:Award|Publishing : December 3, 2018


Award winner

Tomoya Fukui, Department of Computer Science
(Ito Laboratory)

The 13th International Conference on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems(KICSS 2018) Outstanding Paper Award
KICSS 2018

Award-winning research

Multi-agent coordination is one of the important research fields. In this regards, automated negotiation arises as one of the solutions to coordinate amongst rational agents with conflicting. The purpose of this paper is to introduce Jupiter, a new environment for automated negotiations in which we can easily create agents that are able to use machine learning in order to extend their knowledge.


Award winner's comments:

I would like to show my deepest gratitude to my supervisors, Prof. Ito, Prof. Moustafa, Prof. Catholijn, and all the members in the our lab. In the research fields of automated negotiation, there are still much research tasks. I would like to research, improve and solve them.

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