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University Response to COVID-19 after November 17, 2020

Category:Notice|Publishing : November 20, 2020

November 16, 2020
To all staff members and students
Director, Task Force on Prevention of Infection
Spread of Novel Coronavirus

University Response to COVID-19 after November 17, 2020


1. Prevention of Infection Spread (Continued since last notice)
Please keep it in mind that everyone tries to stay safe. Also try to protect yourself from infection.
-Wash your hands thoroughly with soap, and use hand sanitizer.
-Make sure to wear a mask all the time.
-Cover your cough.
-Refrain from unnecessary travels.
-Keep your social distancing, 1 - 2 meters apart from others.
-Avoid the ″Three Cs"
1) Closed spaces with poor ventilation,
2) Crowded places with many people nearby, and
3) Close contact settings such as close-range conversations.
-Check your health condition at all times.
-If you feel sick such as a cold and/or a fever, stay home and take a rest.
-If you feel sick such as a cold and/or a fever, refrain from meeting others except for your family and try to contact via phone or mail.
-First consult with medical institution, when the infection is suspect.
-Try to adjust "New Lifestyle."

2. Refraining from Going Out(Continued since last notice)
Aichi Prefecture's measures to infection is shifting to "Alert area", however, it still contains the risk of infection and a resident of a prefecture and a business owner are required to implement

1) an infection prevention measures thoroughly, 2) the prevention of infection spread to elderly, 3) transformation of conduct according to a new lifestyle
Aichi Prefecture's "Infection Spread Prevention Measures Guidelines":

Regarding on this matter, from November 17 to December 6, Nagoya Institute of Technology responds to COVID-19 considering the risk of the expansion of infection as follows. The university response is supposed to be reconsidered every three weeks.
-Now the number of newly infected person has been increasing. If you need to travel to the areas with high risks, please carefully consider the necessity and take extra precaution.
-Have a health checkup for a week after you come back to Nagoya while being on regular duty. If you feel sick, please report to Safety Management Office.
-Try not to visit facilities where a cluster occurred, and the places of "Three Cs"
1) Closed spaces with poor ventilation, 2) Crowded places with many people nearby, and 3) Close contact settings such as close-range conversations. Refrain from talking loudly in a meeting at a restaurant, Karaoke, events, watching sports and so on.

3.About Holding Events (Continued since last notice)
For the time being, please try to cancel or postpone events. Try to take alternatives, such as holding events online. If administration bureau considers it is inevitable, an event might be able to be held in actual setting with extra precaution based upon the Aichi Prefecture's "Infection Spread Prevention Measures Guidelines."
Please follow the rules;
-Wash hands and sanitize hands and fingers.
-Wear a mask.
-Frequently ventilate rooms.
-Taking temperature
-Restrict admission if there are those who feel sick.
-Keep social distancing, if possible, at least 2 meters.
-Make sure to have a list of contact information, if you expect to have someone from off-campus.

4. About activities in a laboratory (Continued since last notice)
Implementing proper measures to prevent infection based on the guidelines on conducting education/research activities announced on May 27th. Also, thoroughly implement particularly following things including concerns about students' safety and health.
-Having students check their health condition before going to the university. Also having those who are in bad shape stay at home.
-Keeping a certain distance (at least 1 meter) between seats.
-In case it is difficult to keep above mentioned distance in a laboratory, divide students by several groups and going to the university separately in order not to be "Three Cs".
-Wear a mask or face shield in order to prevent airborne droplets.
-Make it a rule to gargle and wash hands with a soap.
-Regularly sanitize touched parts by alcohol for disinfection or sodium hypochlorite.
-Ventilate a room. (5~10 minutes per an hour preferably from two directions.)
-Conduct research and experiments online as much as possible.
-Follow the university instruction such as closure of a laboratory, when tested positive or suspicious cases are confirmed.
※Regarding the guidelines on conducting education/research activities for the first semester in 2020 announced on May 27th (in Japanese)

5. About On-Campus Meetings (Continued since last notice)
For the time being, meetings should be held through "Teams" Online and/or via E-mail.
If Safety Management Office considers it is inevitable, it might be allowed to have it in actual setting with extra precaution.

6. Restrictions in Usage of Common Facilities(Continued since last notice)
-Rending out lecture rooms and other facilities to non-NITech members
  -Reservations with the date of usage until December 31would be all disapproved.
  -Reservations with the date of usage after January 1 would be remained.
  -New booking application would be suspended.
  -Suspension of reservation is supposed to be reconsidered according to the expansion of infection.
-Rending out Chikusa ground
  -Rending out Chikusa ground to non-NITech members will be resumed from October 1.
-Regarding rooms and halls applied by NITech faculties for conferences, please refer to "3. About Holding Events" above.

7. About Work at NITech(Continued since last notice)
Nagoya Institute of Technology reviews the situation every 3 weeks. In order to maintain regular duty, responses todecrease the risk of further infection of all staff members are necessary, therefore NITech takes to have infectioncontrol measure about work decided on September 14.
Although administrative and technical staff have been working on a two-shift system (work at office and work from home), a two-shift system should be appropriately implemented considering the situation of each section or office.
※About work at NITech from October 27 announced on October 26. (in Japanese)

8. About Overseas Travel for Students, Faculty and Staff Members (Continued since last notice)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has announced a list of countries, which fall into categories of Level 3 in the Infectious Disease Risk. Nagoya Institute of Technology prohibits our students, faculty and staff members to visit those countries, which fall into categories of Level 2 and Level 3 in the Infectious Disease Risk. Once those level 2 or 3 countries reduced to Level 1, it will be reviewed on an individual basis.

9. Visitors from Abroad (International faculty, Researchers and Students)
-According to the policy of "Resuming Cross-Border Travel", provided that the following conditions are satisfied, a visit to NITech will be permitted.
Visitors from Abroad are
1) able to get tested for COVID-19 (PCR test or others) within 72 hours from his/her departure and submit the result when entering Japan.
2) able to get tested for COVID-19 (PCR test or others) at the airport when arriving in Japan.
3) staying his/her own accommodation or others for 14 days after entering Japan and not using public transportation during that time.
4) secured that NITech has promised aforementioned conditions with a written pledge.Procedure for the application of the written pledge will be announced separately.

10. Other visitors out of the campus (Continued since last notice)
-The acceptance of visitors is supposed to be decided by each NITech faculty member at his or her own discretion. However, NITech is going to refrain from accepting unnecessary visits from the area with high risks. In case of urgency, NITech responds with preventative measures.

11. About Extra Curricula Activities (Continued since last notice)
As it is stated in "Response to Extra Curricula Activities after September 15", it will be permitted to resume the extra curricula activities by stages. However, it is limited to the groups which submit "Activity Plan Document" based on "Guidelines to Resume Extra Curricula Activities (announced on June 19)" and have already received permission for their activities.

12. University Library Service(Continued since last notice)
-Having some infection control, university library will be resumed with some restriction from July 1st, 2020.
Book Lending, Making photo-copies (reservation is not necessary), ILL and Part of the Retrieval system
※Computer terminal for education use and common space in the library will remain closed.
※Shorten Available Hours
-Opening hours of a school day is from 10:00 to 18:00. (week days)

13. About Access to Buildings and Gates(Continued since last notice)
-The East gate is opened from November 2, 2020.

14. University Hall and Co-op Services (Continued since last announce)
-CO-OP Mart: Open 11:00-14:30. (Shorten business hours)
-Convenience Store, SUMIKKO: Open 11:00-14:30, HAJIKKO: 9:00-17:00
-1st floor Cafeteria: Open 11:00-14:00. (Shorten business hours)
17:30-18:30. (Resumed from October 1st for dinner)
Setting additional acrylic boards and increase the capacity.
-Wear a mask, when enter the shop.
-For more information, please check the bulletin at CO-OP Mart.

15. Infection Prevention Goods (Continued since last notice)
-For faculty and staff members, masks will be available only if it is necessary.
-For Students, it's their responsibilities to prepare for their own masks.
-If there are inevitable meetings, conference, and events are scheduled in actual setting, consult with Safety Management Office for masks and hand sanitizers.
-If staff members need "Face Shield" for their face-to-face duties, contact with Safety Management Office.
-A hand sanitizer will be available at the building entrance and scheduled lecture rooms for the safety of campus community.
-Please keep it mind to sanitize places where students and faculty often touch in the laboratories by alcohol disinfectant or sodium hypochlorite under the supervision of supervisor. If it is difficult to prepare for such disinfectant, please consult with Safety Management Office.
※About a method of disinfection and eradication of Novel Coronavirus (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) (in Japanese)

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