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A message from the President

Category:Notice|Publishing : October 15, 2020

October 6, 2020

To all students

A message from the President

The expansion of COVID-19 does not show any signs of eradication yet. It has enormously affected the education and student life in Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech) and the previous everyday life before the last year has not been retrieved yet. In particular, I would like to express the deep regret to our first-year students, because they still hardly have an opportunity to be on campus.

In terms of the continuous implementation of educational activities, which we believe is university's mission, under the declaration of the state of emergency, in the first semester of 2020, we adopted on-demand (on-line) classes in principle. On the other hand, as our policy, classes which require practice such as seminars and experiments or regular examinations for strictly fair grade evaluation are partially conducted face-to-face. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the cooperation and efforts of students and all staff members, and consequently the fact that we were able to conclude the class schedule of the first term without the further expansion of infection on campus.

The results of questionnaire for students conducted during the first semester clarified some issues on online classes and we also received considerable opinions and requests. In the questionnaire, while substantial comments on fear toward the risk of infection were confirmed, sincere feelings that they would like to take classes with their friends on campus were expressed. However, we consider it risky to completely resume face-to-face classes at present in terms of the difficulty to secure class rooms where students are able to keep social distancing and the expectation that some facilities on campus such as cafeterias are possibly crowded with students.

From the above, in the midst of uncertainty about re-enlargement of infection, we set the following enforcement policy in order to keep educational activities as before with students' safety being secured.

・In principle, classes are conducted via on-line (on-demand), however, we secure an opportunity for students to come to the university and have some of the classes being also conducted face-to-face so that they could regularly interact each other. Also, seminars, experiments, practical training and regular examinations are conducted with a combination of on-line and face-to-face.

・In particular, for the first-year students, some classes for the basis of their future study in which higher educational effects are expected are conducted face-to-face.

・Large class rooms are secured for face-to-face classes so that students are able to keep social distancing. The classes are carefully conducted with extra precaution measures to infection.

I would like to ask you, all students, to attend the classes with a keen awareness of the prevention of infection and to keep in mind your own health condition by checking your body temperature every day, avoid the "Three C's (1. Closed spaces with poor ventilation, 2. Crowded places with many people nearby, and 3. Close contact settings such as close-range conversations.), disinfect your fingers by soap and alcohol in the university and wear a mask or face-shield during the classes.

All staff members of Nagoya Institute of Technology do our very best to support all NITech students so that they are able to dedicate themselves to study even in these days with COVID-19.

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