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Brother Industries and Nagoya Institute of Technology Sign Agreement on Industry-Academia Collaboration

Category:News|Publishing : March 15, 2023

Brother Industries, Ltd. (President: Ichiro Sasaki) and Nagoya Institute of Technology (President: Takatoshi Kinoshita, hereinafter referred to as "NITech") have signed an agreement for "Partner Roundtable," a research cooperation system for industry-academia collaboration for the period until March 31, 2025.

Partner Roundtable is an initiative launched by NITech in 2009 with the aim of nurturing the seeds of new businesses and research topics under a comprehensive contract between a university and a company. A participating company can not only make maximum use of a university's knowledge and technological development capabilities but also can receive consistent support from the university, from the research planning stage to the commercialization and productization stages. In particular, for the development of new technologies and businesses, which is an issue for many companies, Partner Roundtable can help the company to develop them speedily through interviews with researchers and research across various fields while promoting industry-academia interaction from the research topic selection stage, which is important for realizing commercialization. Meanwhile, through interviews with the company, the university can grasp the trends in the market, thereby being able to maximize the research results, including creating a research topic that can be translated into practical applications and sharing its technology for the common good.

Brother Industries has always pursued innovation through industry-academia collaborative research. The NITech Partner Roundtable allows it access to the latest technology and knowledge more flexibly than conventional industry-academia collaboration systems. In addition, by leveraging the geographical advantage of both parties being based in Nagoya City, it is possible to conduct optimal interaction more actively. While taking full advantage of these benefits gained through the Partner Roundtable with NITech, Brother Industries will continue to work on the creation of new businesses that help to address materialities towards a business portfolio of the future, which is set forth in the medium-term business strategy "CS B2024."

NITech has promoted education and research activities with the mission of contributing to the development of local industry. In this collaboration, it elaborates a research topic that both parties can work on with all their strengths by designing a place of interaction with researchers in different fields, centered on the fields of materials science and information science, which are the strengths of NITech. Going forward, it will combine its knowledge and research seeds with Brother Industries' applied technology to contribute to the creation of new businesses that fulfill the vision of Brother Industries.


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