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Open Campus 2023 Held in August!

Category:News|Publishing : October 2, 2023


Open Campus was held on Tuesday, August 1, 2023. Each program required pre-registration for participation. The total number of participants amounted to 3,191 persons, including students, parents and guardians.

The Open Campus programs included lectures, mock classes given by and laboratory tours of departments, lectures for parents and guardians, a roundtable chat, individual consultations, NITech Q&A sessions, and campus tours.

Atsuhiro Hayashi, Director of the Admissions Office, delivered a lecture for students preparing for entrance examinations under the title of "Learning at NITech -- How to Choose from Various Research Activities." He talked about the differences in learning between high school students and university students and encouraged them to study hard in classes in high school and fully enjoy their life as high school students. Then, Nobuhiro Inuzuka, Director of the Career Support Office, gave a lecture titled "NITech's Career Support and Career Education." He mentioned that the graduate school advancement rate and the employment rate are high, named specific employers, and explained the support system of NITech in finding employment and the development of future engineers.

Vice-President Kenichi Maeda and Executive Director Vice-President Osamu Eryu gave a lecture for parents and guardians under the title of "Practical Capabilities of Nagoya Institute of Technology -- Active Education and Active Research." They delivered strong messages about NITech's vision, value proposition to society, efforts to foster engineers, and world-class R&D.

In mock classes to experience NITech's classes and research activities, participants worked on problems which could be solved based on learning in high school, experienced training in laboratories or programming, and received an overview of research activities of respective departments. They eagerly listened to the explanations and actively worked on the activities. There was positive feedback from participants: "I learned that research activities are completely different even in the same department" and "The in-depth explanations were very easy to understand."

At the individual consultations, NITech faculty and staff members and current students carefully answered questions and provided advice on various topics, including preparation for entrance examinations, what students can learn in respective departments, specific information about campus life, and personal experience when preparing for entrance examinations.

In the roundtable chat for female students, members of NITech's female student group "SAYA" kindly answered participants' questions about entrance examinations, the departments, student life, and career paths.

In the campus tours "Let's walk around to know more about NITech!," current students guided participants to facilities, such as the library and the University Hall, which helped participants to imagine campus life after admission. Participants walked around the campus while casually asking questions.

We are grateful that so many people participated in the event.
The faculty and staff members look forward to seeing you again as NITech students on our campus.


Lecture for students preparing for entrance examinations "NITech's Career Support and Career Educatoin"


Lecture for parents and guardians "Practical Capabilities of Nagoya Institute of Technology -- Active Education and Active Research"



Mock class (Creative Engineering Program)


Mock class (Department of Computer Science)


Individual consultation


Roundtable chat


Roundtable chat for female students


Campus tour guided by current students "Let's walk around to know more about NITech!,"

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