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PERSON : Ms. Nancy Yona (India)

September 2014

Ms. Nancy Yona (India)

2nd Grade of Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering

Ms. Nancy Yona (India)

After graduating as an IT Engineer from India, I preferred a challenging environment to exhibit my talents in the global arena and to make a distinctive contribution to society. My intensive search ended, however, soon after an encounter with Nagoya Institute of Technology’s outstanding research achievements and high-class education, serving as a backbone of Japan’s industrial technologies with excellent prospects for employment. Being one of the leading engineering institutes in Japan with a stupendous 100 years of history, excellent faculty, and an exuberant learning environment, NITech proved to be my most preferred choice to pursue a distinguished Master’s Degree. Moreover, the massive strength of the international students and the provision of scholarships by NITech, intrigued an innate desire in me to widen my knowledge through a vibrant international exposure and grab an invaluable chance to explore new cultural perspectives to gain intercultural competence. Confessions from seniors at NITech in terms of its facilities offered, valuable assistance, yet never gave me a second thought to deviate.

I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in the field of Computational Intelligence under the Department of Computer Science of Engineering. After undertaking advanced lectures of my own interest within a flexible framework, I am challenging myself every day with unique research that focuses on the diagnosis and prevention of cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia in the elderly based on intelligent robotics.

As a student in India, I always dreamed of visiting a country like Japan to experience the rich culture and of exploring the business and technological strategies underlying its rapid development in the modern era. Life in Japan is highly secured, peaceful and irreplaceable. Every single moment here proves to be a quintessential training experience for an individual’s self-development. I can never deny the fact that I equipped myself with professional etiquettes through fun-filled Japanese lessons provided at NITech. An intimate relationship with the Japanese students and staff members helped me overcome the challenges in my research and daily life. The atmosphere here is highly motivating, every morning I wake up saying to myself ” Don’t give up a dream ”.

Since I have been offered an opportunity to work with one of Japan’s leading multinational companies, Brother Industries Ltd., I aim to contribute the best of my abilities and knowledge for the benefit of the industry as well as the society and make remarkable achievements as an entrepreneur in the forefront. I look forward to striving for excellence and emerging as a significant personality in the future.

My days at NITech have always been a “hunt for treasures.” On the chase for indulging myself in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, I longed for opportunities to display my flair for the Japanese language. Amid the tiring days of research, I applied for the “International Speech Contest in Japanese 2014.” With massive support from the International Student Center, and especially Ms. Izumi Yamamoto, who gave me so much encouragement and whose identification I will never fail to reveal, I climbed the dais of this esteemed Speech Contest held in Shimane Prefecture, Japan 2014. I and my speech details were featured in two Japanese newspapers and I felt greatly honored to introduce NITech and my environment for a program aired on NHK television as a part of the contest. I humbly request that you view my speech video on YouTube, too. Apart from this, I also hold three records for singing performances in international association programs. As part of my curriculum, I treasure the experience and skills gained through my participation in the University’s special in-plant training program called “Kojyocho Youseijyku- Plant Manager Training School” which served as a gateway for my induction into Brother Industries. I also received valuable advice and assistance from the placement cell and my seniors when hunting for a job. Most importantly, above everything else, the exceptional Japanese lessons at NITech were a kick-start to pursue my endeavors.

NITech can be best described as a home rather than a university. The home that supported, nurtured and helped me realize my potential beyond limits. But as a foreign student, NITech for me is a hesitation-free environment that feels very much like a home. I treasure the irreplaceable moments spent here, and I feel extremely proud to be known as one of its students. This is exactly how life begins to shine after your induction into NITech. Don’t give up your dreams!!

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