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PERSON : Dr. Essam Hafez Andelgany (Egypt)

November 2014

Dr. Essam Hafez Andelgany (Egypt)

Cooperative Researcher
(Assistant Professor, Faculty of Energy Engineering, Aswan University, Egypt)

Dr. Essam Hafez Andelgany (Egypt)

After my master graduation in Egypt, I preferred completing my research abroad, in the field of industrial control system, especially in Japan as it is in the heart of world’s industrial map. I got the chance for my dream; I got an Egyptian scholarship for studying in Japan. At that time, my wife and I were very worried about the life in Japan, as we have no experience with the Japanese language and also we have a different culture, it was a challenging task.

During my doctor course in the field of industrial motion control, I joined professor Iwasaki’s laboratory and under his supervision. It was a challenging research area especially for applying automatic control techniques in microscopic displacement range for establishing high-precision motion systems that can be applied to many industrial applications such as semiconductor processing, optical components manufacturing, and precision metrology.

After Finishing my PhD on 2011 from NITech, I returned to my country, and I preferred to dedicate my research efforts to provide humanitarian contribution to society, not only to the Egyptian society or to Japanese society, but also to worldwide. At that moment I decided to change my research direction little bit, and recruit what I learned to the field of robotic-assistant therapy as atrial for giving a hand for those who are in need as a result of aging or being a victims for stroke. I got another chance, 6 months support from my country to perform my postdoctoral research in the field of rehabilitation robotics. My destination in NITech this time was professor Morita’s laboratory, rehabilitation robotics lab. During my postdoctoral fellowship, we proposed a new rehabilitation training programs and evaluation method for post-stroke patient. After finishing my 6 months fellow, I was granted more one year as an invited postdoctoral researcher in the same laboratory. In near future, a new training program and evaluation methods in the field of rehabilitation robotics for post-stroke patients are expected to appear into the open.

Living in Japan is very interesting, it is sure to be an unforgettable experience. During my staying in Japan, NITech was considered a forum for the diversity of cultures, languages, specialists, and many other backgrounds. Meeting with Japanese and foreigners granted me a huge experience and openness thought, it opens the doors for me to explore my own heritage, to learn how to communicate across cultures. One important achievement is emphasizing the meaning, cultures with their diversity are integrating not fighting, and they are conversing not warring.

Before concluding, I would like to say for any international student who would like to complete his post-graduate studying abroad in the field of science and technology, do not hesitate to join NITech. During your study in NITech, you will find the academic support, fun, and excitation in your live, and may be you face some obstacles that you can overcome with the kind hospitality of Japanese people, and the new experiences that you will get. In addition, be sure, studying in Japan is perfect opportunity to learn the Japanese language, try to practice it and you will find the effect of that on all your life during your staying in Japan.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the professors and staff and students their labs, those I have dealt with during my research stages in NITech, and that for their cooperation, support, and intimate relationship.

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