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PERSON : Dr. Izumi Yamamoto (Japan)

January 2015

Dr. Izumi Yamamoto (Japan)

Professor of Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Teacher at NITech Education Center for International Students

Dr. Izumi Yamamoto (Japan)

Hello, every one.
I am Izumi Yamamoto, a teacher at NITech Education Center for International Students, and a professor of Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. My area of study is focused mainly on researching mystery/detective novels which were translated from various foreign languages during the Meiji period(1868-1912) in the field of Japanese Linguistics and Literature. I am greatly delighted to provide a brief outlook on my role at NITech and the enthralling opportunities for the international students.

Have you any idea on how many international students are studying at NITech presently? Around 330 international students from about 28 different countries/areas are enrolled in NITech as of December 2014. Students from various backgrounds, majors and goals with differing terms of schooling are in pursuit of their dreams.

In a view to help students chase their goals; we offer various Japanese language courses. If you are enrolled as a Graduate student aiming for a job in Japan, we highly recommend you to attend the Business Japanese Course. And if you happen to be a short term exchange student, General Japanese Course is just right for a kick start. For research students desiring to induct into Graduate School, Intensive Japanese Course (everyday class, for a four month period) is recommended. We also provide opportunities for family members to learn Japanese as per some predefined regulations. Certainly, all course fee is free except for textbooks. For more information, please refer

With a 19 year old teaching experience at NITech, my leading role as a teacher at the Education Center for International Students lies in teaching and managing the Japanese courses, planning beneficial events for international students like field trips and Japanese cultural activities, and various other employment support programs. Though I am burdened with a lot of responsibilities at NITech, the accomplishment expressions rising out of the students' faces greatly elates me.

There has always been a wrong assumption among the international students that Japanese language is difficult to learn due to complicated grammar and writing system. In a sense it is true. But, if you prepare yourself for this challenge and set a goal for studying in Japan (NITech), and try to acquaint Japanese people around you, you can improve your Japanese gradually. Japanese students are a little bit shy, but they never refuse to open up themselves for other's needs. We expect you to have a fun filled study life at NITech. So, we look forward to back you up in this regard with utmost care and guidance.
I am looking forward to having you here at NITech. Thank you very much!

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