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PERSON : Dr. Golap Kalita (India)

This corner focuses on a person who has made remarkable achievements at NITech.

May 2015

Dr. Golap Kalita (India)

Assistant Professor (Tenure-track)

Dr. Golap Kalita (India)

After my two master degrees (MS) in Physics and Energy Technology in India, I received MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan) Fellowship and joined Chubu University, Japan as a research student in October 2006. I was awarded Ph.D. degree from Electrical and Electronics department of Chubu University in the area of organic and hybrid solar cells in March 2010. In the same yeas, I received prestigious JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) postdoctoral fellowship and continued my research in the field of solar cells and novel materials development. From April 2012, I am working as Assistant Professor (tenure-track) at NITech (Nagoya Institute of Technology) in Nagoya. It has been an extraordinary journey till date in Nagoya, which has been excellent opportunity and platform to grow as an individual. Particularly, I would like to mention that all the persons in universities and friends I have come across, made me feel at home to excel in my studies and research career.

As a material scientist, properties of materials in various dimensions always fascinated me and motivated for cutting-edge research. At present, development of new materials for energy and nanoelectronics applications is one of the most important research topics in the world of science and technology. Low-dimensional materials having size dependent optical, mechanical and electrical properties can bring a new trend in these directions. Understanding of material properties in bulk as well as atomic level, provide us the clue to overcome various limitation in present technologies. My objective is to develop various novel materials and understand different phenomena for realistic practical applications; thereby pursuing excellence in research and education. I am constantly working on development of novel material systems by chemical and physical approaches for application in nanoelectronics and energy related devices. Besides research, the last three years at NITech has been an excellent occasion to grow as an academician to deal with various issues at university, as well as initiating collaborative research with other universities and companies. I dream exceling much further here at NITech and encourage students from various countries to pursue their career in such an excellent environment.

NITech is situated in the center of Nagoya with all convenient facilities for living and traveling within Japan and outside the country. I have no doubt that NITech will remain as the focal point of industrial town Nagoya with its very basic concept of Monotukuri (making things) and Hitotukuri (developing human resource). I welcome all of you from Japan and abroad to visit our facilities and laboratories at NITeh to explore our activities, thereby broadening the horizon of science and cooperation. Let’s pursue excellence together.

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