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PERSON : Dr. Anthony L. B. Maçon (France)

This corner focuses on a person who has made remarkable achievements at NITech.


Dr. Anthony L. B. Maçon (France)

Assistant Professor

It is great privilege to be able to tell you a bit of my story on this platform. I’m currently an Assistant Professor in Prof. Kasuga Toshihiro’s laboratory, working in the Frontier Research Institute for Materials Science. My path to Japan is slightly unusual as I was able to benefit from the strong and long-lasting collaboration between NITech and Imperial College London, where I did my PhD study. Having the opportunity to become an assistant professor straight after the completion of my PhD enabled me to assert myself as an independent scientist and to pursue the research paths that I found innovative and that fascinated me.

My research focuses on the design and synthesis of smart implants for tissue regeneration. By smart, I imply implants that are able to release inorganic chemical cues enhancing the capacity of the body to self-regenerate. This research topic highly motivates me as it is at the frontier of multiple disciplines (chemistry, physics, materials science), bust most importantly, because it aims to solve the aging and demographic crisis by providing better healthcare to patients. NITech provided me with fantastic administrative, technological and financial supports to enable me to carry out my own research topics. My deepest gratitude goes towards Profs. Kasuga and Obata for their ongoing assistance and scientific input.

I feel very fortunate to carry out this research in Japan as this country is full of beautiful landscapes and welcoming people. I have had the pleasure to hike few parts of Honshu and Hokkaido, where I saw the Higuma (brown bear) in Shiretoko national park and enjoyed some of the best onsen (hotsprings). What has been my most fulfilling experience in Japan remains my interaction with students: I admire their dedication and thirst for knowledge. Seeing their progression in science but also in English makes me very happy and proud.

In the future, I hope to come back to my country (France), to put in practice all the scientific and management skills I have deepened in NITech, and establish my own research group.

I would strongly recommend students and researchers to come to NITech as the research groups constitute small communities with strong interactions between staff and students. In addition, by coming to NITech, you will have the opportunity to work or learn from its world leading faculty members. Finally, NITech is located in an ideal part of Japan, with most of Japan’s treasures easily accessible.

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