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PERSON : Ms. Qun Ju (China)

This corner focuses on a person who has made remarkable achievements at NITech.

February, 2017

Ms. Qun Ju (China)

The second year of Graduate School
Department of Frontier Materials

It is an honor to have an opportunity to write an article about my experience here. After finishing high school in China, I left my country and landed in Japan to explore different horizons in 2009. At first, I spent one and a half year on studying Japanese in a language school in Morioka, which is a sister city of my hometown, Changzhi. Then I attended Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech) as an undergraduate in 2011. I am currently a 2nd-year master student in Prof. Akiko Obata’s laboratory of the Department of Frontier Materials. Prof. Obata has always been thoughtful and passionate about my research and has also provided both academic support and mental support inspiration for me.

My research focuses on the design of a 3D structure material (bioactive glass fibers) with an antibacterial ability for skin tissue regeneration. Silver was incorporated in this material to prevent infection caused by bacterial colonization during the wound healing process. Furthermore, I am investigating the effect of thermal stabilization temperature on the glass structure and its antibacterial ability.

NITech enables me to have access to first-rate facilities and has provided me with the latest knowledge in science and technology. I enjoyed and learned a lot during those six years in NITech. On top of learning many subjects, I had the opportunity to meet people from different cultural backgrounds. In addition, my supervisor Prof. Obata facilitated my going abroad for a 3-month project at Imperial College London (UK). These experiences helped me to develop both Japanese and English communications skills. At the same time, I gained a more comprehensive understanding of my research field and learned how to look at things from different perspectives. During my master course, I was lucky to receive a 2-year scholarship from NGK Foundation (NGK Insulators, LTD.), which helped to alleviate the costs of living abroad. Thus, I could focus on furthering my academic research.

Fortunately, I have recently been offered the opportunity to work with the same company I obtained my scholarship from, namely NGK Insulators, LTD., which is one of Japan’s leading ceramic companies. I am aiming to use the fruits of my education in NITech, in order to contribute to the benefits of the industry as well as society. I also intend to develop new skills in a diverse range of exciting and challenging projects and hope to follow a successful career.

The beautiful scenery of Japan always changes along with the seasons. For two weeks in early April, when the cherry trees come into bloom, you can find any Hanami spots buzzing with people. There is a big park called Tsuruma Park just nearby NITech. Every laboratory or society of NITech will have a party under cherry blossoms, share drinks and have a meal with colleagues or friends. From late November to early December, Kyoto is a good place to go for its famous red leaves viewing. Just a 2.5 hour-drive from NITech, you can discover Kyoto’s traditional culture in its temples and parks.

I would strongly recommend all students who considering studying at NITech to come and join us, not only for its well-educated staff members and the available facilities and resources for research but also for the excellent geographical location and convenient transport network. Those optimal conditions enable you to make the best of your stay abroad.

In conclusion, I had some very unique and memorable experiences in NITech. I am very much grateful for the knowledge and skills that I gained in here. Those experiences really made me who I am right now. Thanks to all those who helped me and made my life more colorful.

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