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Mr. Tomihiro Ikegami receives IEEE CAMA Student Paper Award

Category:Award|Publishing : January 15, 2018


Award winner

Tomihiro Ikegami, Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (Sakakibara Laboratory)

2017 IEEE Conference on Antenna Measurements and Applications(CAMA)
Student Paper Award

We discovered a frequency selective surface (FSS), a kind of Metamaterials, reduces the reflection loss in the cover of the automotive radar for autonomous driving systems. We presented about its design technology in this conference. This conference covers the area of antenna measurements and their applications. It is one of the world well-known IEEE sponsored conferences. Our paper was awarded as Student Paper Award from over 130 papers.

Award winner's comments:

I am deeply honored to receive this award. I am grateful to my supervisor, Kunio Sakakibara, and everyone who involves my research. This time, I received this award by appreciated novelty of my design process. From now on, I will improve design accuracy of this method and to propose a new structure.

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