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Academic Research

  1. Research Administration Office Rules
  2. Regulations on Bioethics Review Committee
  3. Service Invention Regulations
    (国立大学法人 職務発明規程)
  4. Detailed Rules Concerning Restoration, etc., to Inventors of Intellectual Property Rights
    (国立大学法人 知的財産権の発明者への還元等に関する細則)
  5. Tangibles Derived from Research Results Handling Regulations
    (国立大学法人 研究成果有体物取扱規程)
  6. Conflict of Interest Management Regulations
    (国立大学法人 利益相反マネジメント規程)
  7. Security Export Control Regulations
    (国立大学法人 安全保障輸出管理規程)
  8. Regulations on the Handling of the Collaborative Research
  9. Regulations on the Treatment of Scholarship Endowments
  10. Detailed Rules on the Treatment of Shares, etc., from Donations in NITech
  11. Regulations on the Handling of Commissioned Research
  12. Regulations on the Handling of Academic Consulting
  13. Guidelines on the Treatment of Subsidies Related to the Commercialization of NITech’s Research Assets based on NITech
  14. Basic Policy on Military-Related Research at Nagoya Institute of Technology

The Japanese version is the authoritative version, and this English translation is intended for reference purposes only. Should any discrepancies or doubts arise between the two versions, the Japanese version will prevail.

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