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Academic Affairs

  1. NITech Rules
  2. Graduate School Rules
  3. Regulations on Taking a Curriculum
  4. Regulations on the Completion of Curricula over an Extended Term
  5. Guidelines for Grading Based on GPA
  6. Regulations on Student Exchange
  7. Guidelines on the Treatment of Credits Related to Students’ Learning Specified by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  8. Guidelines on Treatment of Credits Acquired Prior to Admission
  9. Rules on Degrees
  10. Guidelines for Class Evaluation - Undergraduate
  11. Regulations on Graduate Studies
  12. Research Guidance Plan and Research Guidance Report (Master’s/Doctoral Program)
  13. Research Guidance Plan and Activity Report (Master's/Creative Engineering Program)
  14. Rules regarding Collaborative Research Guidance Programs with Foreign Universities
  15. Guidelines on the Handling of Previously Earned Credits of Students Admitted to NITech Graduate School
  16. Graduate School Regulations on Exchange of Special Research Students
  17. Review Items and Evaluation Criteria for Master’s Dissertations
  18. Review Items and Evaluation Criteria for Doctoral Dissertations
  19. Detailed Rules Granting Master's and Doctoral Degrees
  20. Teaching Assistant Manual
  21. Guidelines on Implementation of Graduate School Course Evaluations

The Japanese version is the authoritative version, and this English translation is intended for reference purposes only. Should any discrepancies or doubts arise between the two versions, the Japanese version will prevail

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